bookpool sale on addison-wesley and prentice hall books

I dig; I’ve used them for many of my book purchases over the years, only occassionally delving into Borders/Barnes & Noble/Amazon when I have gift certs or for impulse buys. Today I pre-ordered Virtual Honeypots. This looks to be an awesome how-to sort of book about honeypots; something I’ve been eagerly waiting to delve into. It should be out any day, really. This was prompted by a welcome spam email from BookPool about a sale on Addison-Wesley and Prentice Hall books.

I’m also eagerly awaiting the Metasploit Toolkit book, despite being published by Syngress (in my opinion, the spottiest tech book publisher with quality all over the place….and I just don’t like holding their books like I do Addison-Wesley books). There’s a lot of new stuff in Metasploit 3, and I’m holding out really getting into it (like I used Metasploit 2x) until this book comes out. I may combine this with looking into Ruby or Python a bit more. Of all the tool-books out there, only BackTrack comes to mind as needing an updated book (BackTrack 3 perhaps?).

I also see Wi-Foo II has been pushed back (or maybe it was really tentative at late 2007 months ago) into 2008. I’m looking forward to this book as well. The first book was awesome, but got mired down in the technical problems of getting wireless working properly in Linux, which is a requirement for the subject. These days, wireless support is much easier and better, which hopefully means less mud devoted to the intricacies and details. Other books cover it well lately anyway, like Hacking Exposed: Wireless and Syngress’ Wardriving and Wireless Penetration Testing. Although not without their own minor faults, are both excellent wireless security books.