eakiu is short for mac software for wi-spy

I have a Wi-Spy, which is an excellent (and cheap!) specturm analyzer tool. I saw a mention for it on NetGirl’s blog over at ArubaNetworks on her list of cool tools. But I didn’t know what EaKiu was in her Wi-Spy bullet. I thought about emailing or commenting, but this seemed to require more effort on my part to converse with her, so I resorted to a Google search for the tool in the hopes that the unique string was easily found. Indeed, I saw that EaKiu is software to display results from Wi-Spy! And boy does it look fucking sweet. Now I just have to find a Mac-user to try it out for me.

I’d thought that was what EaKiu was, since I’d seen mention of Mac and Linux software back on MetaGeek’s old site, but I could never find that information again on the new site design. Of note, the Linux version, while workable, is still pretty ugly compared to Mac or Windows software.

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