five essential laptop security tips from security-hacks

A list of 5 essential laptop security tips leaves an important one out and includes a rather dubious entry. Tip #5, install tracking software on your laptop in case it gets stolen. While a neat, feel-good type of geeky thing to install, this is pretty lame for inclusion on a top 5 list. Then again, maybe this list was meant as more of a physical security list, in which case, top 5 is really “the 5 things to do.”

Instead, I’d replace #5 with the suggestion to keep backups of all your data on the drive. It is great to not have it stolen, or offer password and encryption options in case it is stolen, but what about the data on the laptop? How much is it worth to you personally? If your laptop is stolen, minimize the damage to only the cost of the hardware and your own stress, not also to the only surviving copies of your son’s little league digital pictures or those important sales emails.