do odd bank mailings make you paranoid these days, too?

My bank recently changed its name, and along with it some of its business decisions. Most likely a buy-out of some sort, but I really couldn’t care less about stuff like that.

Tonight I got one of those little envelopes that you tear off three sides for. Usually these are pretty important, so I always open them before Bills Time. Whoa…a PIN? For me? Ok, last 4 digits of this card…nope, not my ATM card. Nope, not my credit card with this bank. Rut roh, raggy. Let’s go back a few days in mail…

Oh, look, an envelope with a new Debit card. Ok, I don’t want a debit card, I want an ATM card. Really, a 4-digit PIN is not a huge security measure if someone looks over your shoulder. I’d rather protect viewing at an ATM machine than in a crowded check-out line somewhere with a clerk watching straight down. I can also scope out any suspicious gear at an ATM. I like my ATM card and have taken active measures to decline debit cards.

I also find another mailing also from a few days ago explaining the change, that my ATM card is being replaced by this Debit/ATM card.

Great, thanks. I guess that choice has been lost to me. 🙂