random thoughts in response to other random thoughts

  • Ask any law enforcement officer if there is rampant depression because they will never really get rid of all the bad guys and bad things in the world,and if we should give up or change the playing field? What about ethical or moral activitists or environmental activists?
  • If I decide to be a carpenter because I want to have an achievable goal, do I get stuck in the same old mud because I’ll never be able to satisfy all the capentry needs of my region? Or do we take pride in each single creation, or series of creations that contribute to the whole?
  • Back in the early 1900s, unwanted and teenage pregnancy was a huge problem, but several groups eventually came together and educated women and promoted programs designed to address the issues. We have not solved these problems even today, but does that mean those early or subsequent efforts were useless and we look back on those people with a pitiful eye?
  • When you wash your car, do you avoid sprinkler puddles for a few days? Do you feel sad that the car will just get dirty in a few weeks anyway? Do you curse God because it rains the day after you wash the car? Do you take joy in the washing, even though you know dirt is inevitable? Do you wash the car and then avoid going places until you really have to so that it stays cleaner longer? Do you just wash it an obscene amount of times? And for what reward all this effort?

    Basically, our dilemma is not unique, and at least our efforts are measurable in both tangible and non-tangible results. Any time we get down in the dumps about security, it is because we have poor goals and measurements. Are we making a difference? Should we change our name to make it better? Do we expect to eradicate insecurity, information loss, and protect our systems ultimately otherwise we are failures? Do we worry that our jobs stem from other people’s loss or suffering, or do we realize we are helping people deal with the inevitable? Inevitable: human mistakes, bad morals, economic choices [budgets], education to not make poor decisions, etc…these are our combatants, not pain and suffering.

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