new live cds and standalone firewall installs

There continue to be a good number of live cd distros available with a security slant. Here are some links, although some I’ve not even booted into yet to check out.

Russix is a wireless pen-testing live cd that appears to make the most common wireless penetration tasks surprisingly automated.

Hex 1.0.2 is a platform for network security monitoring.

Deft v3 is a self-explanatory live cd: Digital Evidence and Forensic Toolkit.

Honeywall 1.3 appears to be a data capture installer. This isn’t a live cd, but rather an installer that should be run on an empty or expendable hard disk.

Various other firewall installs are also available as usual. IPCop 1.4.18, pfSense 1.2 RC3, SmoothWall Express 3.0, m0n0wall 1.3b7, Untangle.

One thought on “new live cds and standalone firewall installs

  1. And to add to the last group, Endian ( It is a Smoothwall/IPCop derivative. I started with Smoothwall, moved to IPCop and then moved to Endian with no regrets.

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