some articles actually make me hurt

Ever read a security article that makes you hurt with every sentence written? Yeah, not too often, but this article in The Register about a data breach nine months ago at the Pentagon that had “an amazing amount of data” stolen, offers up a lot of hurt. I can’t even quote the bad parts since the whole thing is an escalation (or downward spiral!) into needing a few stiff drinks before lunch.

And sometimes, just sometimes, sentences offer up Hurt Combos, like this one:

It took three weeks and $4m to clean up the mess.

Ok, that shows off how bad this issue was, but it also hurts to remind us just what it takes to spend money to get shit done. We (the US) spent $4m in 3 weeks…can’t we do that to prevent the amazing number of issues packed into this little article/incident? This article absolutely begs disclosure on what the hell happened.