marcus ranum caught cybering

I missed this the first time around, but I see Marcus Ranum has a couple postings on the Tenable blog. His first talks about cybercrime. The second alks about cyberterror. I think this link will end up holding whatever he posts.

I really like the first piece on cybercrime, although I think he misses one aspect that should be brought up: efficiency. Stealing data 30 years ago would have required reams of printed paper or boxes and boxes of tapes or discs. And that might have just impacted few people. Today, a USB stick can contain millions of important records that are all worth money. Just like software pirating, these issues have always been around, only in the past they were so inefficienct that we could accept those risks or mitigate them indirectly. Efficiency plus Ranum’s Automation make this a huge deal. Criminals can steal huge amounts of digital property that we attribute high value to.