re: twitter foray

So I’ve given Twitter a chance, and I think I’ll let this novelty slide. I find the following/followers thing a bit disconcerting. It is the equivalent of lots of people in an IRC channel, but everyone having rather extensive ignore lists so that half of what is said is lost on half the people present. Almost turns into a virtual ego trip or popularity measure, sometimes.

I think if I had more real life friends on Twitter it might be far more worthwhile to know what’s going on in their lives at 7:34pm at night, but it just feels like another tacky social tether to the computer. I’ll stick to IM and IRC for that, I think. 🙂

Update: I reserve my right to change my opinion on this. I do much of my work right now on a laptop and at a workplace where I can’t necessarily have something like a Twitter client running all the time as a distraction. Catching up on the past day of Twitters is retarded. But now with the gaming rig built, my old machine will become an always-on desktop system and running a Twitter client for popping up new messages as they come in may change my experience. I doubt it, since it offers nothing beyond what I get with IRC/IM other than less hardcore geeks and more links, but it could.

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