linux: screencasting, beautiful desktops, install tips

Hackers Life throws lots of interesting links into my reader, and a few I wanted to pull out and keep here.

5 ways to screencast your linux desktop – Ooo, I like this quick roundup of tools. A year ago I had some problems trying to record a screencast. I didn’t spend too much time on it, because I know Camtasia (Windows) and how easy it is to use. But I will totally try one or more of these out next time I have a reason to record my desktop.

10 most beautiful looking linux desktop [sic] – Alright, these look awesome. It’s been a long time since I really worked on my OS interface, mostly because I hate having to redo it on new systems or after reinstalls or whathaveyou. I also have always run Linux on my less stellar gear, but now that I have a ‘retired’ gaming system available, I may just have to check these out soon and see what I can imitate. I’ve been using Linux long enough, that it’s about time I pull myself up another level of nix-geekiness.

10 tips for after you install or upgrade ubuntu – Really, everyone needs a series of notes on what you want to do after performing an install. It doesn’t take an IT worker long to figure this out, and it applies to home geek life too. These tips are almost all very useful and common issues Ubuntu users face. And yes, I admit my boot menu is out of control with old Ubuntu versions…

2 thoughts on “linux: screencasting, beautiful desktops, install tips

  1. Thanks for these links and the new site (to me) at I would really love to make a really nice UI also, but don’t have the time. My main desktop is still down, but when it gets back up, I will invest in a ‘pretty’ UI.

  2. Cool links, I love the desktops but as soon as get tweaking it seems like i go into a blackhole and come out 7 hours later with theme that looks like the most 7331 thing in the world.
    Cool site too.
    P.S. I can’t beleive I came here and posted on the same site as M.R. His productivity site rocks!!!

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