some psytrance and house for the weekend

In the random bucket, and just in time for a long weekend, I stumbled upon this link to some freely available psy-trance/goa music downloads at Ektoplazm. If you have any interest in psytrance (think: Infected Mushroom, Hallucinogen, or faster more layered beat-driven electronica/trance than what you would hear in a club, but not quite distorted and chaotic), check out the downloads page for popular examples.

Oh, and there are some quieter, more ambient (progressive) types of psytrance available as well. Rather than let you hunt for it, check out Koan, the Entheos sampler, and the Amber compilation. The Entheos album probably drops out of the psytrance category and into more ambient electronica, and is far more tolerable to most people.

Fans of soma fm’s Groove Salad should download the Entheos sampler. Track 7 is Gifted by Osiris Indriya (Seattle-area DJ, check his site for some awesome free club/trance mixes! Check this mix* (mp3) at a minimum) which is a downright excellent track and the whole reason I wandered to this site.

* If you know the sampled video game song at 3 minutes of the mix (Blaster Master?), please let me the hell know. It’s taunting me! If anyone can devise a way to be able to search on music hashes (Google Music?), I’d love you! Those of us who listen to music genres that consist of remixes or non-vocal music always have songs that we have no idea who does them or other tracks whose tags we don’t trust and suspect are wrong.