looking for a real kvm

Sometimes there really just aren’t solutions available. I’ve been doing some research on a new KVM unit, since my old one is about 4 years old and only PS/2 and VGA.

I have my gaming system plus my old gaming system that I’d like to have co-exist on the same keyboard, mouse, and monitor. The newer system is Windows and the older system is Ubuntu Linux. The keyboard is a wired, USB Logitech G15 (yes, I’d like the LCD to work on at least the newer system). The mouse is a generic wireless Logitech mouse. The monitor is a 21″ with DVI connector. Audio would be optional, but cool. Hotkey switching would be optional, but ideal. Both systems can do dual-monitor, but I really don’t need that to go through a KVM.

Meeting these requirements, especially the G15 keyboard, seems to be a little out of the reach of KVM technology. And being DVI pretty much doubles the price.

Still, it would be highly desirable to find a decent unit someday, that can co-exist with both systems.

2 thoughts on “looking for a real kvm

  1. I use the KVM he mentioned above. It freaks out Ubuntu/Debian when I flip to it. I wouldn’t recommend it.

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