fear the power of netadmins more than murderers!

The case of the San Francisco net admin who locked everyone out of their FiberWAN network continues to be interesting.

“This is an affront to the people of San Francisco and a miscarriage of justice,” said Crane [Childs’ attorney], who told the judge in a court filing that the city’s technology department was riddled with “mismanagement, negligence and corruption.”

This brings back memories of Kevin Mitnick: “His bail was set five times higher than a murder defendant after his July 13 arrest amid fears he could unleash a wave of system failures if freed.” So, does this mean that digital power is mightier than the sword?

Up next: The modern day Red Scare is upon us: The Hacker Scare! Hackers are infiltrating your networks remotely! Your next net admin may be aligned with a hostile national, planted to take down your network upon command!