netflix has a ways to go yet

Netflix is one of the sweetest services in years and I love them. Then tonight I decided to try their instant viewing option. I have a very untouched Windows system that I use for gaming and nothing much else; no security crap or anything. I tried to watch Ghost in the Shell SAC volume 4 (out of 7). I clicked Play next to the selection in my queue, and I am taken to the very first episode on volume 1. I actually have to click through 12 episodes to get to where volume 4 starts.

Sadly, clicking through without watching the whole damn thing means the Netflix player randomly thinks my connection has an error and throws up. I then have to start the whole thing over.

It feels like flipping a coin and hoping for heads 13 times in a row.

Nonetheless, if I just wanted the first title (like most movies they offer on instant play), it was slick, quick, and decent enough quality! I just happen to have some trouble trying to skip to the middle of a series.