i don’t trust google enough to go gaga over chrome

No surprises here, Google Chrome is out (beta). Their terms of service are sketchy (albeit a generic TOS). I used to love Google back when Yahoo went public and I no longer trusted Yahoo or found their site as useful. Now Google is public and I just can’t trust that “Do no evil” will ever again trump “Make more profit.” I’ll likely try Google Chrome at some point, but I expect Google to harvest all the data they can from its users. And thus, I just don’t at this point trust it.

(Hell, it already annoys me that Firefox 3 makes constant checks to Google’s safesearch by default…)

By the way, does this mentality of distrust automatically make me more old school in IT security? 🙂 There’s a lot of wishy-washy business-kool-aid drinking people around these days… Distrust, full disclosure, researching on personal time…these things still seem like somewhat necessary traits for a healthy security culture?