core releases vnc client security advisory

If you use a VNC product, more specifically UltraVNC or TightVNC (or others), you probably want to keep your eyes open for an upcoming new version of the client. Core released a VNC security advisory, and from the sound of it, a workable exploit is likely (hi Metasploit!).

Offsetting that risk, the exploit is on the client and not the server. This means an attacker has to not only get a workable exploit, but get a VNC user to connect to an untrusted or subverted VNC server. If you automatically have .vnc files mapped to the VNC client, this is where it might be useful for Metasploit to have a fake VNC server module to trick admins to connecting back to an attacker.

Now, I often get back to ideas on making a network more hostile to attackers, and this can be another opportunity, especially if a workable exploit is developed or released. Get your hands on a subverted VNC server, set it up in some dark space or honeypot area of your network and wait for someone attempt to connect.