oscp carries some digital street cred

Grats to Mubix on his OSCP! In his post he talks about how the OSCP won’t get anyone a job, and I think he’s 99% correct. However, the caveat to that is to anyone that would know what the OSCP is, it does have meaning. So the other 1% might be a manager who knows the OSCP and knows that anyone who has it probably has a certain level of geekery and interest in security beyond what even the CISSP will demonstrate (e.g. those sales people who are required to get CISSP and finally do so on their 6th try…). This is part of the reason I want to get back to the OSCP afer my ill-fated attempt last year (right when I got slammed with a coworker quitting). The other part being that it actually is freakin hands-on!

One thought on “oscp carries some digital street cred

  1. OSCP isn’t that good. It makes for a much better intro to real-world operational security, especially from an offensive perspective. It does not make one an expert or professional in any sense of those words.

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