jay beale releases the middler

Thank you to Tyler (SSLFail.com) for posting that Jay Beale has (finally!) released The Middler (sorry, no front page discussing it, just a direct link). Released, but it looks like, upon a very quick glance, that it might not be nearly finished yet. The Middler was discussed at Defcon 16. It is a tool that can inject into http traffic between client and server, intercept and reuse session credentials, and more. In short, this is a tool that automates what many of us have known can happen when you’re on a non-trusted LAN. Only scarier. And more accessible.

By the way, props to Jay for apparently skipping ahead to the demos. There is a ton of information in his presentation and all of it relevent, but I was a bit disappointed in not seeing many demos at the Defcon talk. Despite that, his was one of the best talks I saw there!