steps for first responder evidence collection

Quite often someone’s first experience with evidence handling/collection and first-responder forensics is, well, during a live incident. It really helps to read (and later role-play either on your own or just pretend small-time incidents are major ones and go through the motions!) what someone *should* do in a real envidence collection situation.

Personally, I probably know enough to first evaluate whether the incident at hand will ever see the inside of a courtroom or will end in my HR or manager’s office. If a courtroom is possible, I’ll likely try to defer to an experienced professional, if possible. If not, document everything and get uncontaminated copies of everything before diving into the guts of your *copies.* Better yet, it might not hurt to video record the damned thing. It might be the most boring thing in the world, but someone may love you for it a year later.