you gave me the keys, and when I used them…

This article on Wired (via LiquidMatrix) discusses how an intelligence analyst is being charged with unauthorized access even though he was given valid credentials, had access to use those credentials, but was simply told not to. Someone fucked up, but it’s not necessarily this guy.

This could be fun. I mean, remind me to put up some signs advertising a garage sale at my place. Allow me to prop open a door and put out a table with cookies and lemonade on it. Oh, don’t worry about that sign in the corner that says if you get within 5 feet of my cookies I get to whack you mercilessly with a whiffle bat until you leave. You should have read the sign, silly fool. Oh, and I get to cackle with glee during the flogging.

Or the EULA. Or the TOS.

Or remind me to give you my gmail account and password with a note saying not to use them if you’re not me. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea!