just a resume update blurb

Finally got my resume (pdf) updated with my CISSP status. The thing I hate most about resumes? Nope, it’s not the description of accomplishments. It’s the damned list of technical skills and programs I know. I try to use that as the part I tailor to job descriptions and the tools they list. Otherwise, a good IT tech simply has an aptitude to pick up and learn anything he or she doesn’t already know. I didn’t list Python? I’m confident I could pick it up quickly. But I hate feeling a little strange listing anything I’ve not professionally or extensively personally used, like Python. It’s silly how even old, stupid tools stay listed there for years…

2 thoughts on “just a resume update blurb

  1. So true!, i thought the same when i was rebuilding my resume. I think is very unprofessional listing the tools you are familiar with.. since those must be encapsulated in the purpose* they have more than the tool itself. I remember seeing some resumes listing nmap, nikto, etc. More sad is not getting the job because you didnt put python 🙁

  2. Yeah, I list tools, but I certainly don’t feel good about doing so. And yup, that’s the reason I end up listing them, just in case I get throw in the trash just because I didn’t put it in!

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