sec link posts format

I’ve long made it a practice to add commentary to many links I give, and not spew out too many, or make lengthy posts filled with, “go elsewhere” bits. Too often I read other blogs with lists of links and I’ll think, “I like #8 and want to check it later.”” Then I end up with orphaned browser windows/tabs/bookmarks waiting for attention or RSS reader items unread where I really have read it and only want to revisit 5% of the content.

But over time I get lots of little links stuck around here and there that I really have nothing to add to, but would like to save or point out for future or community reference. I really like Kevin’s format over at InfosecRamblings; not too long, gives some context to what I’m clicking to, and I find that they’re not always the same links as I see everywhere else. I also like to avoid posting the 14th mention or something and making it sound like my link to it is a big deal that no one else has. Those are the ones I tend to mention in one line, or not mention at all since everyone else does. I certainly hope that anyone who reads my blog here also reads many of the other great sec blogs out there that are in my reader as well (or at least people should, since my blog is geared to me more than any audience).

Anyway, long story short, I’m going to try out an irregular format of spitting out a couple links every so often to see if I like it or not. I may find it offers me nothing new…