sec links for 2009-11-10

I missed it, but the 60 Minutes feature on cybersecurity this weekend sparked others talking. Sounds like they prominently used the example of hackers taking down part of the Brazil power grid a couple years ago. Robert Graham at ErrataSec’s blog has posted a far more believable theory.

Via the Twitter account comes a link comparing new media’s (TechCrunch) coverage of FaceBook ad scams versus old media’s (NY Times) coverage of the same topic. Talk about a perfect way to make a great point (not that the reverse couldn’t also be true…).

Skype in the enterprise continues to have hurdles to climb, not the least of which is the ability to easily ensure your employees are not leaking confidential information through it. If you trust the integrity of the Skype IM log files, you can work on understanding the Skype chat log file format.

MoW’s The Powershell Guy site has a nice post on how to use Powershell to convert Unix timestamps to a more readable format. My need the other day was to correlate some log entries in my IPS against my web proxy access logs.