social media in the classroom

Saw an article linked from HardOCP about social media in the classroom (in Iowa, in fact), and I also read the accompanying forum comments. This is one of those situations where almost every comment is correct.

We, as an American culture, often seem to stumble when it comes to our strange drive to find the one right universal answer; even in a subject that really doesn’t *have* one single blanket answer, such as education (IT and security suffer the same problem). What about class size? What about subject matter? What about teacher personality? What about the extroverts? The introverts? The ones who actually need special attention? And so on. All of these factors really, to me as a non-teacher, stress that every situation is going to be different.

It is exciting to see the role of technology such as tablets (and the internet) working into education, and I think you should try anything you can to engage as many students as possible in the way they respond to best, on an individual level.