impassioned people tend to do quality stuff

I read this article about how Process Kills Developer Passion. I’m not a formal coder (more like a scripter), and I only work with a subset of coders (web devs), but I really believe this article hits several points squarely, particular in how process can kill creativity.

The caveat is how this applies to most anything, really. Process can be necessary, for instance in documentation on how things work or why they’re they way they are. Or to cover your own ass when requirements try to change in 6 months.

But the point remains: passionate people tend to do quality things; don’t kill the passion.

I’d also point out something that has been permeating a few of my recent posts: There are not always going to be universal, blanket answers for everything!

You won’t appease every developer you hire by having any one of a given coding process methodologies. You won’t cover every situation with a monolithic security tool. You won’t reach every student with a singular approach to learning. You won’t block every breach…

Picked this article up via Securosis.