work in a way that matches your personal values

I am by no means well-read on books about business and leadership and entrepreneurship and biographies of successful people. But I do quietly collect casual information from news articles and other sources online. To me, one of the “work” rules in recent decades has been to essentially be yourself. Wear what you want to wear (within respectiful, credible reason), work in a way that aligns with your personal values, be human; essentially not to have a work persona separate from your home persona. Work in a way that matches your personal values, your character.

I’d agree with this. I think that sort of feeling aligns with why I really respect people who “geek out” about their chosen field, even if they come across as strange or even obsessive. Give me a security geek who lives and breathes the industry during work and play over a 9-to-5-only sort of mentality.I understand work-life balance issues, but I also understand happiness and enthusiasm as well.