this is why they don’t make you read privacy terms

It’s nice to see useful articles about digital security and privacy starting to grace major media these days. I especially liked this one found around the front page of this evening: How to prepare for Google’s privacy changes. I like the steps it shares at the bottom. And I really like this statement:

Google points out that the products won’t be collecting any more data about users than they were before. And, in fairness, the company has gone out of its way to prominently announce the product across all of its platforms for weeks.

In other words: “You mindless sheep, finally you’re going to get pissed about privacy issues that were already flippin’ there!”

As I like to say, if your business model suffers when you have to reveal it to your customers, because of how they react, you need to sit back and do some soul-searching. Be up front about it and let consumers decide if its worth it. Don’t just try to see what you can get away with, whether intentional or by feigned naivety.