interview with rsa’s art coviello

It’s been a year, but you can read some more about RSA’s woes last year from an article/interview with Art Coviello, Executive Chairman, RSA who is giving a keynote sometime around now over at the RSA conference.

I’m personally not sure I’m buying the part of the attacker not getting entirely what they wanted, or the parts about replacing tokens just because of the perception of lost faith from customers, and not because some secret sauce was stolen, putting customers at risk. I think this is continued smoke and capitalizes on the continued lack of actual detail on what was taken, which RSA has done since day 1. And covered up misdirected a bit by saying that people still buy their solution and they still sell them. In my guess, they changed the wrong things they were doing (keeping a seed list), which makes this true, but not relevant to the breach/response.

Misdirection…clearly I’ve been watching too many magic-related stuff online these days (I have!). Something involving Reddit questions with Penn & Teller on YouTube and reading an article some months ago about Teller and a little red ball trick… (Side note: I love how the Internet can stoke these almost childlike moments of learning and interest so efficiently.)