training and goals for 2018

A function of getting older and adulting more (somewhat) is knowing I just don’t have time for everything I want to do or learn for a given day, week, month, or year (video game habits have suffered the most for this). I’ve found it’s useful to make some lists and goals for the year. In past years, I would make a new year resolution to learn some new hobby or personal skill, things like learning how to play guitar or learn more about cocktails. Recently, I’ve found this is a great habit to have with the career side of my life. In particular, I found other people doing something similar on, where colleagues would make achievable yearly goals that get them where they want to go.

This year, I don’t plan to do a whole lot as far as building a new hobby or interest, but rather hone what I have now, fill in gaps I didn’t get to (I never did learn how to play a guitar very well), play a few more video games (deep-seated job in this activity), and focus on work/career and relationships for 2018.

This list isn’t complete. I have some personal goals I won’t end up sharing here, plus also various notes on topics I’d like to get to, but don’t see myself committing to at this time. Also, some of these items are brief, while I have more detail in my private notes on how I’d like to proceed.

training and career goals for 2018

  • keep doors of learning open for both blue (defense) and red (offense) sides of the field. I’d like to know both deeply, and it helps keep me well-rounded and ready to tackle most anything that may come my way.
  • balance career growth opportunities along with actual learning. I find as I get further into my career, I need less letters after my name, and have more yearning for learning actual things. In my earlier years, I found I was deeply driven by learning enthusiasm, and it’s so nice when the job itself is aligned with fulfilling that drive. I can point out years I had this, and which years I did not.
  • balance of work-driven (paid) and personal growth learning opportunities. Some wonderful training is cost-prohibitive, or requires access to hardware/software that has a dollar tag on it that is hard to achieve outside the workplace. I feel behind the curve with pursuing this due to previous management frugality.
  • Keep the job! I initially left this off, since it’s part of day-to-day life with me and not a question, but I suppose it needs stated. I like my job outlook this year, and hope to use the entire year to become amazing at it.

structured learning/training

  • Q1-2 Cisco Cyber Ops Scholarship Program
  • Q2-3 SANS FOR508 (GCFA)
  • Q1-4 finish LinuxAcademy RHCSA/LFCSA courses (and finish this subscription)
  • Q1-4 Metasploit Unleashed course (I’ve never really sat down and gone through this…)
  • Q3-4 SLAE-> CTP/OSCE (tentative, or just prep)
  • Q1-2 Maintain CISSP (hey, already done!)

unstructured learning

  • HackTheBox VIP sub (keep offensive skills from getting rusty)
  • work topics (placeholder for work-related learning)
  • Web Hacking 101 book
  • Burp Suite improvement/growth (courses, videos, etc)
  • Python improvement/growth (undetermined)
  • PowerShell improvement/refresher (undetermined)
  • expand Home Lab with automated AD builds
  • pen testing Linux distros to check out
  • CTF participation (as it fits in)
  • learn Scapy usage

improvement topics

  • incorporate Feedly, Pocket, Discord, Slack in day-to-day habits
  • expand OneNote use
  • work on linkedin/career stories and goals (1-page resume for fun)(sec boss interview questions)
  • work on better anonymity online/VPN service for personal use
  • continue to hone and improve and tighten this and other learning/career lists

personal non-career goals/priorities

  • exercise (regular habit build; should take up biking in spring) and eating better (continued)
  • caring for relationships and friends

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