searching for a new portable music player

I am looking for a new portable music player. I have my trusty 4th gen 20gb ipod sitting in my car most (99%) of the time, hooked into my stereo. I have a small need desire to get a second music player that I can load more music on, but also keep more on my person rather than in my car.

  • I don’t mind keeping the 20gb ipod in my car permanently, so I don’t need my new one to be compatible with my stereo.
  • I have over 40gb of music.
  • I don’t use nor want to ever use iTunes or some other “marketplace” software. (die DRM!)
  • I use Ubuntu Linux and would much prefer to use Linux to manage my new device.
  • I currently use Winamp on Windows to manage my 20gb ipod. (I’m simple.)
  • I don’t plan to browse photos, cover art, or crap like that. Movies, maybe, but I don’t need that. My need is just music player and simple shuffled playlists based on genre.

Does anyone have any suggested music players and Linux software (probably Amarok and its clones) that I should look at? Sticking to an ipod classic is definitely an option.

2 thoughts on “searching for a new portable music player

  1. This looks like a pretty good list of hardware players:
    The guy that writes one blog I read (sorry, can’t remember the name) who has an Archos for him and his wife. He really likes it. Some even have wifi (the internet kind, not the Zune kind) and GPS.
    The Nokia 810s play music, too, if you’re looking for an excuse to get one. 🙂

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